why is no one talking about these photos, I really feel like we should be

We don’t know what to say

we must never let these die


you look good baby


Imagine going to a concert with Luke. He'd be kind of weirded out when you fangirled a little but love how you got really into the music. Unfortunately he wouldn't let you anywhere near the pit because he didn't want his princess getting hurt, but would make up it up to you by letting you sit on his broad shoulders so the band would notice you. Afterwards you'd fall asleep on the way home so he'd carry you inside and tuck you in bed before kissing you softly on the cheek and laying beside you.


Oh and he’d know all the words to every song just like you so while you two drive to the venue you’d both scream sing to the bands new album and being the dorks you are you’d wear matching merch (you suggested it jokingly but he laughed with his little scrunched up nose (cute Loser) and seriously agreed to it) IM HAVING TO MANY LUKE FEELS UGH HELP MEEE


No shortage of waterfalls and wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge!

Evan Peters in American Horror Story