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Hello yes- I'd like some Mashton Potatoes with a side of Cake.

I don’t know if this is real or not, because this wasn’t my account, I also don’t even know if this has been seen yet, but if it hasn’t I think we should stop with the daddy kink shit if this is how he’s going to act- yeah? He obviously is more than just uncomfortable with this going on, so how about we be good fans and stop?









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selfies aren't always a bad thing- sometime's u get to show off ur pal in them!! also im on the right, and in the middle thank u


Hiya’ pals! Okay, so because I’ve abandoned this blog for some time now, I eventually felt bad enough as to where I decided that I’d get it up and running again! So in attempts to do this, I’ll be taking ship and imagine/preference requests!

Shipping Rules;;

  1. To get one you have to click that little follow button
  2. I’m going to need to know your name
  3. A list of female and male celebrities that you like (at least three for each)
  4. What ships you want; (minimum of five)
  • husband
  • best friend
  • kids
  • food y’all make together
  • what your lover buys you for your birthday
  • pets
  • where y’all go on vacation
  • wedding dress
  • you & your lover having sex
  • matching couple item
  • matching tattoo
  • first date
  • what you wear on the red carpet with lover
  • what y’all do on your lovers day off
  • picture lover instagrams of y’all together
  • picture lover instagrams of you
  • song playing when you met your lover (I just put my Spotify on shuffle. Sorry if you don’t like the song.) 
Please note that I will only be shipping you (Husband wise at least) with the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer! 

Now for the imagines and preferences, you just have to send me ideas! For this a follow isn’t necessary, but it’s most appreciated! 


5 Seconds Of Summer - The Blue Cross Blue Shield Performance Stage


Teen Wolf Click & Drag:

  1. Click on an image and drag it out to the side.
  2. Tag with what you got!

MICHAEL CLIFFORD AU MEME: You were the most popular girl in the school. You had tons of friends, and more followers on social networks than you could ever possibly count. There was one problem though, Michael Clifford. He was the most troublesome boy in school, but you just couldn’t help yourself. You had a boyfriend yes, but something about Michael just made you feel more special, like he wasn’t just seeing you for your influence and money. Your boyfriend was very rich, and his parents were friends with yours, so you couldn’t just break up with him. Michael understood for once, and so he came up with a plan. Every Wednesday and Sunday evening you two would meet up in the forest next to your house. But one day he stopped coming for you, and on that day he left a small note.

Y/N, I can’t do this anymore. To be quite honest I’m in love with you. I can’t hide it anymore, and if you care more about your image than me, then so be it. You’ve got till this Monday to decide, me, or your image. I hope you choose what makes you happiest. xxMike